Outlook 2010 Data File Repair

Best Way to Fix Outlook 2010 PST File

With the help of Outlook 2010, anyone can easily send or receive personal and business related emails in an outstanding manner. Since Outlook 2010 is an advanced and user-friendly email tool, corruption of its data file is not fully eradicated. Nonetheless, in order to circumvent Outlook data file corruption, its size has been enlarged. However, there are some occasions where Outlook data file gets damaged or corrupt due to unknown reasons. It’s eminent fact that corruption of data file freezes the access to Outlook 2010 profile and it eventually leads to severe loss of Outlook data. In such cases, appropriate backup of Outlook data file will help out you to come out of severe Outlook data loss catastrophe. In case if you don’t have suitable data file backup and wind up with Outlook Data file corruption, then using good data file repair software is the only option left for you. Outlook Data File Repair is one such robust and user-friendly application which helps to repair Outlook data file at one go.

Common Scnenarios where Outlook 2010 data file gets corrupt

  • Whenever you share Outlook data file over a network or accessing it through remote server, make sure that no network interruption will happen. However, if any interruption occurs while sharing data file then it leads to corruption of Outlook 2010 data file.
  • Since Outlook 2010 uses complex database file to store the entire information, it needs to exit accurately. Sometimes while accessing or working on Outlook 2010 profile, your system unexpectedly shuts down due to power letdown. This will close Outlook abruptly without saving any info which leads to enter some garbage or random info into PST file. This inappropriate data may lead to corruption of Outlook 2010 data file.
  • Most of the users prefer to compress their Outlook data to make optimal usage of storage space. While compressing Outlook 2010 data file if any interruption occurs then corruption of data file is guaranteed.

Since Outlook 2010 data file is vulnerable to corruption, so it’s always good to take some precautionary actions to prevaricate loss of info from Outlook 2010 profile rather than thinking about how to mend corrupt or damaged Outlook data file. In order to be safe and secure in terms of Outlook 2010 information, it is informed to take a valid backup of Outlook 2010 data file. As the accurate backup will always stand with you, whenever, you come across data loss from Outlook 2010.

No matter how severe Outlook data file has been corrupted, this efficient software will fix any kind of corruption issue in few simple clicks. Along with PST file repair, this tool also rescues various types of Outlook attributes like files, folders, calendar items, birthday reminders, tasks, journals, RSS feeds etc. One can also get back emails deleted from PST file by using this software. It supports data file repair on all versions of Windows based computers including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Follow these simple steps to mend Outlook 2010 data file

Step 1: Once you install this repair tool on your system, run the software to open its home screen as shown in below figure A.

Outlook 2010 Data File Repair - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select Outlook 2010 data file to initiate its repair process as shown in below figure B.

Outlook 2010 Data File Repair - Select Outlook 2010 Data File

Figure B: Select Outlook 2010 Data File

Step 3: You can see the pop up window showing PST file has fixed successfully as displayed in below figure C.

Outlook 2010 Data File Repair - Repair Status

Figure C: Repair Status